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PhD Students

T.K. Subazini

Progressing by GOES (Goal-oriented, Optimistic, Energetic, Self-assured) and objective is to apply technical skills and creative knowledge for innovation of valuable artifacts that promotes mankind.

C.P. Rajadurai

I would like to enhance my thinking ability and creative skills in biological sciences and applying the same in my research front bringing in innovativeness for novel approaches.

S. Sangeetha

I am a simple and honest person. My research is mainly focused on In-silico drug discovery for breast cancer using HDAC inhibitors.

J. Lakshmanan

I am a curious, self-motivated person with ability to take success and failure as same but, at the same time always wants to move forward.

Ashok. S

To upgrade my scientific skills and apply the same in right direction to contribute for the growth of society.

MS (By Research) Students

Avinash Ramani

I’m a simple, broad-minded, straight – forward and scientifically inclined person. I believe that only when there is willingness and passion, powerful feelings and thoughts arising in the mind could be converted into action, and these powerful actions have the capability to transform the world. I’m interested in discovery and development of novel treatment techniques and new drugs based on Systemic Pathway Simulations for the prevention of Chronic End-stage Renal Failure in children with congenital anomalies.

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