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CanGeneBase (CGB) is a comprehensive database on cancer-related genes such as oncogenes, tumor-suppressor genes & genes which are highly expressed or suppressed in certain types of cancer.

CanGeneBase covers 12 different types of cancer by which most cancer related deaths occur. Cangene Database consists of 190 entries where each entry having 33 parameters such as Gene Symbol, Gene Name, Aliases, Gene type, Description, DNA Size, Chromosomal location, Transcripts, Isoforms, Organism, Taxonomy, Journal, Title, Author, Post Translational Modifications, Disorders, Drugs, HIV-1 Protein Interactions, Protein Motifs / Domains / Families, Functions, Signalling Pathways & Tissue specificity. In addition to this, each entry provides links to Entrez Gene, Ensembl, Homologene, PubMed, OMIM, PharmGKB, SNP, Probe, Genecards, GenBank, Swiss-Prot.

Genes included in Cangene Database can be accessed by a Gene Symbol based search engine, genes can also be browsed by cancer type.

Resources section provides comprehensive links to almost everything about cancer such as Cancer Societies, Charities, Institutions, cancer related resources and various databases on cancer oriented information.


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