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The Bioinformatics Group at AU-KBC Research Centre is focusing on developing cutting edge technologies in Bioinformatics. Currently we are involving in Drug Discovery and Development, Augmentation of Biotech Products, Tools and Database Development and Training activities.

Drug Discovery and Development

To develop a new drug conventionally, one has to spend one Billion dollar and 10 –12 years time. There is no guarantee of success in this method, in spite of spending so much time and money. New methods for drug discovery are receiving considerable attention in the pharmaceutical industry. Trial-and-error discovery methods have been replaced by focused combinatorial chemistry, computer-aided drug design, and other processes. Genomics and Proteomics are complementary technologies of biological research. Biomarker discovery provides valuable information that can accelerate drug development and improve modern medicine. Integrating all ‘omics’ with modeling and simulation in terms of systems Biology approach will help us to cut short the time and money spent on discovery process. Recently we are concentrating on HDAC inhibitors and Taxanes drug discovery for Cancer. We just started focusing on prevention of Chronic End-stage Renal Failure in children with congenital anomalies.

Augmentation of Biotech Products

Through biotechnological process we are obtaining so many useful products.Our approach will focus on a thorough study of the organisms in terms of their genomics, proteomics and metabolomics and integrated with Systems Biology will help us to enhance the productivity of products like Hydrogen, Lovastatin etc. It may be noted that, for many metabolite producers, the entire sequence as well as other information (such as pathways) are available. Using this information an attempt will be made to get thermodynamically efficient metabolite production system for a targeted product. Currently we are focusing on Hydrogen and Lovastatin as case studies.

Tools and Database Development

We have developed various Tools and Databases meant for Life Science research. Also involving in FOSS (Bioinfotracker and AIM Blast) activities in terms of tool development and providing training.

Training Programmes

We are conducting training programmes regularly in Bioinformatics and Clinical Research areas.

Recent Publication

Chinnasamy Perumal Rajadurai and Gopal Ramesh Kumar (2010) Functional and comparative genomics studies on Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans specific to CO-metabolism and hydrogen production. Online Journal of Bioinformatics.11 (1):90-105. Link

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